Violence; A Hindrance to Peaceful and Happy Life

All those terrorist attacks. The bombings. Killing people. Taking innocent lives. It’s not necessarily about religion. It’s all about people. With or without religion, there will always be good and bad people.

All religions share the same values: kindness, mercy, compassion, love and other billion positive things

When people act horribly, we don’t only judge the religion these people hold. Just because some Muslims act violence it doesn’t mean Islam is a violent religion. Judge fairly. See only the people and their actions.

Anyway, just do good. Speak only good things. Embrace the goodness in every way possible. That`s the only way we can survive together as a global community.

The lack of understanding of the true cause of happiness is the principle reason why people inflict suffering on others. Some people think that causing pain to others may lead to their own happiness or that their own happiness is of such importance that the pain of others is no significance. But this is clearly short-sighted. No one truly benefits from causing harm to another being. The key to creating better and more peaceful world is the development of love and compassion for others. This means we have to care for another human beings who is less fortunate than us. When we demand the rights and freedoms we so cherish we should be aware of our responsibilities that other human being have an equal right to peace and happiness as ourselves.

And yet we have people do violence in the name of religion. This is what makes things worse.
Some people don’t want to be categorized as violent. They don’t want Islam  labelled as violent religion yet they speak and act violently. Duh.

Bulan puasa mari perbanyak usaha dalam perbaikan diri. Hindari hal-hal negative, pergunakan social media untuk hal bermanfaat, isi waktu dengan hal-hal produktif. Daripada mencaci maki orang, lebih baik beristighfar. Daripada sibuk berprasangka, lebih baik berfikir baik dan bijak. Mari kita perbanyak kebaikan dan stop menebar keburukan. Islam agama yang indah. Muslim yang baik adalah muslim yang santun, pandai menjaga lisan dan tulisan.

Selamat berpuasa dari Canberra!

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